Here you will find responses to some common questions


What are the benefits of joining BASHH?

BASHH is the largest and oldest association in the field of STI and HIV. For medical and paramedical workers in the field of GU medicine in the UK it is the national specialist society and by joining and supporting it you will help in the promotion of this field. As a fellow/member you will be able to stand for official positions within the association and to vote in elections. Members can register for BASHH meetings at a reduced rate and membership also includes subscription to one or two journals. BASSHH members who are nurse or health advisers at band 6 or below and elect to have no journals with their subscription.

Members also have access to information contained in the private members area of the website.


How do I join?

Membership applications are taken online. The application needs to be sponsored by one BASHH member. with personal knowledge of the candidate. The application will then be ratified at the next BASHH Board meeting. The proposer of the candidate may be requested to provide further information, if deemed necessary by the Board.


Is my membership automatic?

No. Once you have submitted your online application forms it will be processed as described above. You will be notified by the BASHH Secretariat if your application has been successful. Please note that your application will need to be considered by the BASHH Board and so there may be a delay, depending on when the next meeting is due to be held.


Do I have to set up a Direct Debit?

Yes – if you are a member based in the UK. With in the region of 1,000 members BASHH does not have the resources to process this number of individual cheques/credit card payments. By collecting membership subscriptions by Direct Debit we dramatically reduce the amount of administration involved.

The exception to this is for our overseas members who do not have a UK bank account. For these members only we will accept payment by credit or debit card. For those members who have their subscriptions paid for them by an organisation or company, we would ask that you help us by setting up a personal Direct Debit and then claiming the money back. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the Honorary Treasurer.


When are subs collected?

Your first payment will be collected by a credit/debit card processed through PayPal. BASHH’s membership year runs from 1st August to 31st July. Subsequent year’s subscriptions will be collected by Direct Debit on or around 1st of August. You will be notified prior to the Direct Debit run.


What happens if I join part the way through the membership year?

The membership fee is reduced to reflect which part of the year you join and we ask you to pay by credit/debit card or forward a cheque to cover this part year subscription. The first year price and annual price will be displayed at the bottom of the online application form when you select a membership category and journal subscription (if applicable). The direct debit is taken on 31st July.


I would like to join, but don’t know A BASHH member of BASHH who could support my application. What should I do?

Please contact the BASHH Secretariat who will be able to help you e.g. by providing you with the names of BASHH members within your hospital/locality who you could approach to support your application.


I sent my membership application through a while ago, but I still haven't heard anything.

Memberships are only approved by the BASHH Board four times a year, in March, June, September/October and December. For reasons of efficiency the secretariat often wait until there are a number of applications received before sending confirmations of receipt. If you have not heard anything approximately 4-6 weeks after sending in your application then contact the secretariat at admin@bashh.org.

If you send in your application in within 2 weeks of a Board meeting, you may not hear anything until your membership has been approved and confirmed.


I have been promoted to a new grade, what action should I take now?

Please inform the BASHH Secretariat of your grade change as soon as possible so that records can be kept up to date. However, you will not pay your new subscription amount until the next membership year.


I am joining mid year, do I still have to pay the full amount?

The membership fee is reduced to reflect which part of the year you join; please refer to the table on the membership pack.


I have not been receiving my journals, who should I contact?

Please contact the BASHH Secretariat who will contact the journals on your behalf.


I would like to access the journal[s] online. Please visit the below websites:


I have changed address, who should I contact?

Please contact the BASHH secretariat, preferably by email, with the details of your new address and your old one. The membership database and the journals will then be updated for you.




I am interested in the Microscopy Course, how do I register?

The microscopy course is very popular and there can be a waiting list. to enquire about the waiting list please email admin@bashh.org with details of a contact address, phone number and email.


Is the Dip GUM exam included in the BASHH Course?

No. The BASHH Course in STI & HIV is the course which provides the preparation you will need in order to take the Dip GUM exam. To register for the exam you will have to contact The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries http://www.apothecaries.org/ (020) 7236 1180.



Microscopy Manual

I want to order a microscopy DVD, who do I contact?

Please go to http://www.bsig-resources.org.uk/ for further information. In January 2017 a new app will be available.




I want to put something on the website, who do I contact?

Please click here (requires login) to obtain a website update request form. When sending files, please ensure that your content for the web is formatted exactly as you wish for it to be displayed on the site and complete the form as fully as possible.

Return the completed form to the BASHH Secretariat for approval.


How can I find a clinic in my area?

Please use the clinic search functionality on the right hand side of the website.


Our clinic details have changed, who do I contact to alter this on the website?

Please click here (requires login) to obtain clinic addition/update form and forward the completed form to the BASHH Secretariat.



Events and Meetings

How to register an event?

Click here (requires login) to obtain an event notification form which should be sent to BASHH Secretariat to promote your events. From this same page you will also be able to access the Guideline for Finance Support when setting up a BASHH meeting


I wish to set up a teleconference for a BASHH committee

Click here (requires login) to obtain the teleconference request form and return the completed form to BASHH Secretariat. This is recommended for meetings of up to 10 people.


How do I book a meeting room?

Please click here (requires login) to download the form for booking a meeting room for a BASHH committee meeting at the RSM.


Does BASHH have a cancellation policy?

For details of the BASHH event cancellation policy please click here.




How do I arrange for an item to be included in the newsletter?

Please click here (requires login) for the newsletter update form and return to the BASHH Secretariat once completed

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