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For all Specialty Grade Doctors, Associate Specialists, Staff Grades and other NCCG doctors


  • Dr Helen Mullan (Chair)
  • Dr Kajal Verma (Secretary & Conference Committee)
  • Dr Karl Hollows (Financial Officer [to end 2020])
  • Dr Anne Oliver (Financial Officer [from 2021]) (Chair, Conference Committee)
  • Dr Lewis Lau (Education Committee & Conference Committee)
  • Dr Mervyn Lee (Conference Committee)
  • Dr Srinivasulu Narayana (Clinical Governance Committee & Conference Committee)
  • Dr Carlos Oroz (Conference Committee)
  • Dr Syed Ali Akbar
  • Dr Georgina Forbes 36
  • Dr Neil Lazaro
  • Dr Hannah Leng
  • Dr Soosan Romel (FSRH Rep)
  • Dr Rachel Sacks
  • Dr PN Sashidharan (BASHH Board)
  • Dr Rizwaan Sheriff
  • Dr Helen Sherrey
  • Dr Catherine Shire


The SAS group of doctors contribute a huge amount to the delivery of sexual health services in the NHS. Our group is made up of an enormously varied mixture of individuals - from those working one or two clinical assistant sessions each week - some of whom also work in other specialities - to those working full time and for whom GU or HIV work is their only speciality. Many have reached these grades through unconventional training pathways.

The BASHH SAS group is here to support all non-consultant non-training doctors in GUM/HIV. Although hosted by (and supported by) BASHH, you do not need to be a member to access these web pages, nor to be part of our group. We do not charge any subscription. We do however strongly recommend that all doctors working in Genito-Urinary Medicine are members of BASHH and reduced subscriptions are available for doctors working in non-consultant posts. Clinical Assistants may choose not to receive both journals - and benefit from a much reduced subscription. All such professional subscriptions are allowable as professional expenses for UK tax payers. See this website for a BASHH membership pack containing all details.

On these pages you will find links to documents we think may be of use/interest to SAS doctors. You will also find the name of you regional representative and contact details. Local courses of interest and relevance may be running from time to time, and your SAS local representative will be able to keep you updated

We know that SAS doctors can be overlooked when it comes to employers allocating time and money for CPD and this is a very real challenge for a significant number of doctors. Although Whitley Council contracted staff (Associate Specialists, Specialty Doctors and Staff Grades) have clear guidance on this matter, the situation with Clinical Assistants, Hospital Practitioners and Trust Grade doctors is inconsistent and often left to the discretion of local consultants/managers.

The new contract has raised a number of important issues for SAS doctors and the opportunity to undergo a job planning process. The NHS Employers site has a number of very useful documents here

The BMA also has useful information regarding job planning -

Your local Deanery (in England) will have received money to support SAS doctors in training and development - this is a unique opportunity and you should make sure your needs are canvassed and recorded by your employing Trust. The BMA SASC has produced guidance about the development money which can be seen here. This follows a survey the BMA conducted which can be seen here. Not all NHS Trusts have made their SAS/NCCG doctors aware of the available funds and we strongly urge you to ensure that you use your LNC (Local Negotiating Committee) contacts to ensure that funds are managed with clarity and openness in your Trust. Arrangements for the devolved nations are unclear and we suggest that SAS doctors in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland contact their local BMA office to clarify the arrangements for you. If anyone has further information please let us know so we can post it here. This money is not intended to replace the obligation on your employer to fund 'normal' CPD/CME but is additional money to support career development.

Many SAS/NCCG doctors may be planning to sit the Diploma Examination in GU Medicine (DipGUM). BASHH organise a modular course for those considering the examination and details for this are here. The exam is awarded by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London and the syllabus is here.

We organise an extremely successful annual conference (usually in September) specifically aimed at the needs of SAS doctors, and designed and run by us. This is held in a central location within the United Kingdom to facilitate access.

E-mail circulation list:

If you want to be included on our national e-mail circulation list - or if you have changed your e-mail and are not receiving mailshots, please contact Karl Hollows (

Diploma in GU Medicine (Dip GUM) and Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctors - SAS and DIP GUM Statement

A letter has been produced by Dr John Lee, The then SAS Doctor Representative to the BASHH Board (2012), Dr Siobhan Murphy, Convener of Diploma in Genitourinary Medicine, and Dr Janet Wilson, BASHH President. It's purpose is to advise SAS doctors planning to sit the Diploma in Genitourinary Medicine on how to prepare for taking the examination in order to maximise their success rate. It also asks consultants to provide more support to the SAS doctors in widening their exposure to HIV cases and complex cases.

BASHH SAS Publications

BASHH SAS Group Terms of Reference (2014)

SAS Induction Updated 2009

SAS Appraisal guidance

Follow these links for information:

DH Guidance

On-line Toolkit


The BASHH/BHIVA Mentoring Scheme is open to all SAS doctors at any point in their careers, to provide guidance and support.

If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored, please follow the link below to the BASHH/BHIVA Mentoring Group web page

Upcoming SAS Events

22nd Annual BASHH Conference for SAS Doctors Working in Sexual Health

This well-established conference will take place at Leicester Conferences, the University of Leicester in Leicester on the 6th and 7th September 2019.

For further details including registration please CLICK HERE

SAS Committee Members

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Private content (i.e. Minutes etc.) can be accessed by members here

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