SAS Group

This is an all-inclusive group for Staff Grade, Specialty, Associate Specialist & Specialist doctors, as well as Locally Employed doctors and General Practitioners, providing they work in sexual health or HIV.

Its purpose is:

  • To represent the professional interests of SAS doctors working in sexual health and HIV.
  • To advise on, and offer support and advice on training/ education to members.
  • To run educational conferences for SAS doctors
  • To represent SAS doctors on other BASHH committees

Although hosted by, and supported by BASHH, it is not necessary to be a BASHH member to access these web pages, or to be part of this group. There is no subscription. Agreement to one’s details being held on the SAS database constitutes membership. We do however strongly recommend that all doctors working in sexual health are members of BASHH; reduced subscriptions are available for SAS doctors. All Committee members must be BASHH members

On these pages are links to documents that may be of interest to SAS doctors, the names of some of the current SAS Committee and details of the Annual BASHH Conference for SAS Doctors Working in Sexual Health.


E-mail circulation list:

If you want to be included on our national e-mail circulation list - or if you have changed your e-mail and are not receiving mailshots, please contact Karl Hollows (


BASHH SAS Doctors’ Group Terms of Reference  (updated 2022)

BASHH SAS Doctors Group Database Privacy Process (updated 2022)


BASHH SAS Committee – Officers

November 2022


Dr Karl Hollows                   Chair and Database management


Dr Kajal Verma                   Secretary and Finance Officer   


Dr Anne Oliver                    Conference Chair                             



26th Annual BASHH Conference for SAS Doctors Working in Sexual Health

8th and 9th September 2023

Registration will open shortly

For a draft agenda please click HERE

Conference fees 2023

FULL Registration includes conference attendance, meals (including conference dinner) and overnight accommodation at the conference venue on Friday 8th September.  Accommodation is included in the FULL conference registration fee at cost from the venue.  BASHH make no profit on the sale of bedrooms.

As this event is generously subsidised, we cannot offer any variation on the below conference packages.


Full Conference and Accommodation Registration

BASHH Member


Non Member


Conference Only Registration

BASHH Member


Non Member



Full Conference and Accommodation Registration

BASHH Member


Non Member


Conference Only Registration

BASHH Member


Non Member



The new SAS Contract, 2021

The following documents may be helpful for those wishing to regrade to a Specialist Doctor

Role Comparison Table


Specialist grade appointment guidance – A template for collating evidence against the capabilities framework


Specialist Grade Appointment Guidance (BMA & NHSE)


Supporting employers to appoint specialist doctors. Joint statement on the specialist grade from the Joint Negotiating Committee (SAS) – July 2022sa


Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. SAS – A Viable Career Choice



The BASHH/BHIVA Mentoring Scheme is open to all SAS doctors at any point in their careers, to provide guidance and support.

If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored, please follow the link below to the BASHH/BHIVA Mentoring Group web page.


Private access to the Minutes of the Committee Meetings is temporarily unavailable.



(Updated 01/12/2022)


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