Genital Dermatology SIG


The BASHH Genital Dermatology (GD) Special Interest Group (SIG) evolved from the Joint Colposcopy and GD group following the BASHH Spring meeting in New York in 2008. It was recognised that colposcopy was declining in genitourinary medicine (GUM) practice, and interest was increasing in the management of genital skin conditions, in which the colposcope could be used as a tool. Use of the colposcope for high-resolution anoscopy saw the colposcopy component being dropped, as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Specialist Group were more appropriately placed to develop its use, but we continue to work closely together. Further development of the BASHH Colposcopy and Genital Dermatology SIG occurred in 2011 with some of the original members continuing in new roles, with new faces providing new impetus and support. The name of the SIG was changed to Genital Dermatology SIG in November 2013.

The SIG aims to provide continuing medical education and thus improve quality of patient care.



The overall ambition of the BASHH Genital Dermatology SIG is the improvement of care provision for patients with genital skin complaints attending sexual health and other services. We aim to fulfil this task by:

  • Promoting best practice in the management of patients with genital skin complaints by producing and contributing to related guidelines
  • Fulfilling educational needs and promoting guidance and support for clinicians with an interest in genital dermatology
  • Contributing to postgraduate curricula development in the subject
  • Advocating and promoting for good quality genital dermatology care funding and provision in a variety of care settings, including sexual health services


Membership: 2022


Dr Georgina Morris (Chair)

Wiltshire Sexual Health service (WiSe)

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury District Hospital

Odstock Road

Salisbury, SP2 8BJ


Dr Sarah Edwards (Secretary until March 2023)

Abbey View Clinic

9-10 Churchyard

Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1RX

 Dr Soe Nyunt Aung   (Secretary (from April 2023, Joined Nov 2022)


Dr Imali Fernando (Treasurer)

Chalmers Sexual Health Centre

2A Chalmers Street

NHS Lothian

Edinburgh, EH3 9ES


Dr Parameswaran Sashidharan (Webmaster)

Homerton Sexual Health Services-Clifden Centre

Homerton University Hospital

London, E9 6SR

Dr Hannah Yeend-Curd Trimble       ST6 in Sexual Health and HIV  Trainee Representative (until March 2023)

Dr Ayoma Ratnappuli                       ST4 in Sexual Health and HIV Trainee Representative (Joined Nov 2022)

Dr Amber Savary-Trathen                Clinical Fellow (STASHH representative)  (Joined April 2023)

Ms Paula Chaplin –                          Lead Nurse in Genital Pain and Dermatology (Nurse Representative)


Dr Serish Basavaraj

Consultant GU & HIV Medicine

iCaSH Bedfordshire

Kingsbrook, 5 St John's Street, Bedford, MK42 0AH





Dr Komal Plaha 

Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV 

Sexual Health Southwest London

160 Falcon Road 


SW11 2LN 


Dr Lisa Haddon

Department of Dermatology

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust


Cornwall TR1 3LJ


Dr Sarah Schoeman

Brotherton Wing Clinic & Leeds Sexual Health,

A floor Brotherton Wing, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, LS1 3EX


Dr Lewis Haddow                             Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV (Joined Nov 2022)

Dr Sapna Harish                               Specialty Doctor in Sexual Health and HIV (Joined Nov 2022)


Retiring Members (Nov 2022)

Dr Jillian Pritchard

Blanche Heriot Unit

Ashford & St Peter’s NHS Foundation trust

Guildford Road, Chertsey

Surrey, KT16 0PZ


Term of Reference

  • The Genital Dermatology SIG is open to all members of BASHH, with an interest in genital dermatology. Members should be active in research/clinical practice in the field of genital dermatology. 
  • The individual tenure of a member of the Genital Dermatology SIG is initially for three years, renewable on a yearly basis.
  • Turnover of members of the SIG should be staggered when possible.
  • Applications for membership of the SIG will be sought through the BASHH Newsletter and/or e-mail, when required. The Chairperson or group can also invite new members onto the group.
  • BASHH members applying to join the Genital Dermatology SIG will be asked to provide information as to the knowledge, experience, skills and abilities they would bring to the group.
  • Other members/fellows of BASHH or those working in the field of Genital Dermatology may be co-opted onto the Committee for specific advice or skills.



Genital Dermatology SIG Office Bearers:


Chair:             Dr Sarah Edwards

Secretary:       Dr P N Sashidharan

Treasurer:       Dr Nicola Steedman

                      Dr Serish Basavaraj (from 2012)

Webmaster:    Alan Tang



Chair:              Dr P N Sashidharan

Secretary:        Dr Christine Bates

Treasurer:        Serish Basvaraj

Webmaster:     Dr Imali Fernando



Chair:             Dr Christine Bates

Secretary:       Dr Sarah Edwards

Treasurer:       Dr Serish Basvaraj

Webmaster:    Dr Imali Fernando



Chair:             Dr Georgina Morris

Secretary:       Dr Sarah Edward

Treasurer:       Dr Imali Fernando

Webmaster:    Dr P N Sashidharan



Genital Dermatology SIG Members from 2011: 


2011: Dr Sarah Edwards, Dr P N Sashidharan, Dr Cindy Sethi, Dr Deepa Bansal, Dr Christine Bates, Dr Serish Basavaraj (Trainee Rep), Dr Jill Pritchard, Dr Nicola Steedman, Dr P M Nathan, Dr Alan Tang, Dr Emille Morgan

2013-14: Dr Cindy Sethi, Dr Alan Tang, Dr Emille Morgan stepped down.

2014: Dr Anna Hartley joined as Trainee Rep

2015: Martina Tobby joined

2016: Dr PM Nathan, stepped down

New Members: Dr Georgina Morris, Dr Benjamin Goorney and Dr Dayan Vijeratne,

2016: Dr Sarah Edwards, Dr Christine Bates, Dr P N Sashidharan, Dr Serish Basavaraj, Dr Jill Pritchard, Dr Georgina Morris, Dr Benjamin Goorney, Dr Dayan Vijeratne and Anna Hartley.

Martina Toby left the group

2017: Dr Anna Hartley stepped down.

2019: New Member : Dr Komal Plaha-Trainee rep

Dr Lisa Haddon; Dr Sarah Schoeman

2020: New Member - Dr Hannah Yeend-Curd-Trimble-Trainee rep


Advisory Panel:

Professor Chris Bunker, University College Hospital (Male Genital Dermatology)

Dr Fiona Lewis, Guys and St Thomas Hospital (Female Genital Dermatology)  

Dr Manu Shah, Burnley General Hospital (Male Genital Dermatology)


Guidelines/Input from Genital Dermatology SIG

BASHH national guideline on the management of phthirus pubis (currently being updated)

  • BASHH national guideline on the management of balanitis (currently being updated)
  • BASHH national guideline on the management of molluscum contagiosum (currently being updated)
  • IUSTI guideline on the management of molluscum contagiosum (2020)
  • BASHH national guideline on the management of scabies (2016)
  • BASHH national guideline on the management of vulval conditions (2014)
  • European guideline for the management of balanoposthitis (2013)
  • BSSVD Standards of care for women with vulval conditions (2013) – with BASHH Genital Dermatology SIG input


Publications from Genital Dermatology SIG members:

  • Catton K, Revie P, Weaver K, Fernando I. Looking in the mirror: a quality improvement project for a sexual-health service based genital dermatology clinic. Fourth Joint Conference of BHIVA with BASHH: Edinburgh, UK, April 2018 (P253).


  • Sakurai H, Fernando I. Review of a multispecialty vulval dermatology service. Fourth Joint Conference of BHIVA with BASHH: Edinburgh, UK, April 2018 (P262).


  • Hartley A, Bates C, Fernando I et al. Genital dermatology is a high proportion of the caseload presenting to walk in sexual health services across the UK. BASHH/ SSSTDI Spring meeting: Belfast UK, June  2017 (O37). 10.1136/sextrans-2017-053232.37


  • Sashidharan P N, Christine Bates, Sarah Edwards.BASHH Column: Genital Dermatology SIG. Sex Transm Infect 2016;92:404. doi:10.1136/sextrans-2016-052706BASHH column: Genital Dermatology Special Interest Group.


  • Pearce J, I Fernando. The value of a multi-speciality service, including GUM, Dermatology and Urology input, in the management of male genital dermatoses. Int J STD AIDS 2015; 26(10): 716-22.


  • BASHH Genital Dermatology Special Interest Group. Importance of genitourinary and urology colleagues working in harmony (letter, rapid response). Alan L Tang, Sarah Edwards, Christine Bates, Mayura Nathan, Jill Pritchard, Deepa Bansal, Imali Fernando, Sashidharan Parameswaran, Emile Morgan, BMJ 2013; 347: f1986.


  • Sashidharan PN, Goorney B, Cassell J, Edwards S, Maw R, Kell P. Survey of the management of patients with genital dermatological problems in genitourinary/sexual health clinics in the UK (letter). Sex Transm Infect 2011; 87: 414.


  • Hartley AJ, Hourihan M, Paige D, Williams A. Are specialist-led genital dermatology clinics a valuable and necessary part of sexual health service provision in the UK? Sex Transm Infect 2013; 89: 379.


Genital Dermatology SIG Contribution to BASHH OGM /Scientific Meetings


20 March 2011

14 June 2013        

12 June 2015     

24 March 2017      

22 March 2019      


Presentation by Genital Dermatology SIG Members at National Meetings

BASHH/SSSTDI Annual Conference:18th -20th June 2017

  • Genital dermatology is a high proportion of the case load presenting to walk-in sexual health services across the United Kingdom – Dr Anna Hartley
  • What’s new in BASHH Guidelines: Scabies - Dr P N Sashidharan

BASHH Annual SAS Conference

2020 - Workshop on Genital Dermatology - Dr Sarah Schoeman

2019 - Cutaneous manifestations of STIs - Dr P N Sashidharan

Workshop on Genital Dermatology - Dr Imali Fernando

Workshop on Genital Dermatology - Dr P N Sashidharan


Useful resources:

British Association of Dermatology:

British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease (BSSVD):

Vulval Pain Society:

Association for Lichen Sclerosus and Vulval Health:

UK Lichen Planus:

The Primary Care Dermatology Society | UK:


Genital Dermatology Resources

For Patient Information leaflets

British Association of Dermatology (BAD) -


For “basics” and Images

BASHH Genital Dermatology SIG is grateful to the British Association of Dermatologists for permitting us to use the link as a reference.

We acknowledge the following contributors: Dr Niels K. Veien for permission to allow use of his photographs. Illustrations in this handbook were obtained from "D@nderm" with his permission; Dr Mark Goodfield; Dr Susan Burge; Professor Peter Friedmann; Professor Lesley Rhodes, Mr Kian Tjon Tan, Specialty Dr Yi Ning Chiang,






RCOG (Green top guidelines)





Nonmalignant Dermatologic Diseases of the Male Genitalia.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021 Author: Douglas C Parker


Vulvar Dermatoses: A Practical Approach to Evaluation and Management-Kristen M. A. Stewart, MD ( Vol. 19, No. 5 May 2012 JCOM 205)


Benign Vulvar Lesions Updated: Mar 19, 2021 .Author: Robert A Schwartz,


Vulvar Skin Disorders throughout Lifetime: About Some Representative Dermatoses. Doyen J BioMed Research.International: Volume 2014 |Article ID 595286

Published 08/02/2014


Benign male genital dermatoses. Tang Shim.BMJ 2016;354:i4337

British Association of Dermatologists guidelines for the management of lichen sclerosus 2018 F.M. Lewis , F.M. Tatnall , S.S. Velangi , C. B. Bunker , A. Kumar, F. Brackenbury , 6 M.F. Mohd Mustapa & L.S. Exton


Text books:


General Dermatology

Dermatology Essentials, 2nd Edition

Authors : Jean L. Bolognia & Julie V. Schaffer & Karynne O. Duncan & Christine J. Ko

Date of Publication: 12/2021


Genital Dermatology

Penile Dermatology

Male genital skin disease-Prof Chris Bunker- 2004


Vulval Dermatology

Ridley's The Vulva- Sallie Neill, Fiona Lewis (Wiley-Blackwell)-2009



e-Learning for Health modules (Derm& HIV-STI


Genital Dermatology Courses:

The Primary Genital Dermatology Course was started by the SIG in 2011. The distinguishing factor about these Courses were Workshops and each delegate could choose 2 workshops out of 5.

The Genital Dermatology PLUS Course was started in 2016 as a supplementary Course to include topics that could not be covered by the Primary Course


Primary Genital Dermatology Courses : 2011-2019

BASHH Genital Dermatology SIG organised courses for 2020: Cancelled due to Coronavirus epidemic

Bashh Genital Dermatology PLUS Courses: 2016-2019


Virtual Courses

2020 Course: Virtual          

2021 Course: Virtual          




Information on BASHH Genital Dermatology PRIMARY Course

Date                        Venue                                                      Link to Programme 


11/11/2011              Etc Venues-One Drummond Gate                    


07/12/2012              CBI Conference Centre                                   


25/10/2013              CBI Conference Centre                                   


24/10/2014              Friends House                                              


16/10/2015              Royal College of Nursing                               


07/10/2016              Royal College of Nursing                                


20/10/2017              The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conf Venue           


12/10/2018              One Park Crescent Conf Centre                   


18/10/2019              NCVO Society Building                                    


Information on BASHH Genital Dermatology PLUS Course

Year                                  Venue                                                   Link to Programme 


24/06/2016        Homerton University Hospital                                       

23/06/2017        The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conf Venue                                     

15/06/2018        The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conf Venue                         

21/06/2019        National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)      





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