The group was founded in July 1999 and meets four times a year.
The aims of the group are:
  • To define standards of care for patients with genital warts and to produce management guidelines,
  • To devise and coordinate studies related to HPV infection including randomised controlled trials of therapies for genital warts,
  • To provide a forum for education on HPV related issues for all members of BASHH
Membership of Special Interest Group
  • Richard Gilson (Chair)
  • Jaime Vera (Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Jake Bayley
  • Kate Cuschieri
  • Cindy Gilmour (Specialist Nurse)
  • Charles Lacey
  • Nicola Steedman
  • Kate Soldan
  • Diarmuid Nugent (Trainee)
  • Matthew Grundy-Bowers (Nurse Consultant)
  • Gary Whitlock

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HPV SIG slide set Immunology

HPV SIG slide set Pathology

HPV SIG slide set Treatment

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