Web Team

  • Webmaster - Dr Martyn Wood
  • STIF Executive and Twitter lead - Dr Nalin Hettiarachchi
  • Member(Chair CGC) - Dr Alan tang
  • Member - Dr Kaveh Manavi
  • Member - Dr Ade Apoola
  • Member (Facebook lead) - Dr Selena Singh
  • SpR Member (South) - Dr Hannah Pintilie
  • SpR Member (North) - Dr Rebecca Adams
Web Team Submissions

With the aim of providing a well structured website, the Web Team would appreciate if all submissions for posting on the BASHH Website could comply with the following criteria. If the Web Team has to seek clarification of any of the criteria listed below, there will be a delay in the posting the document on the Website:

  • The Submitter must advise the Web Team on which web page/section of the BASHH Website the document should be posted;
  • The Submitter must advise whether the document should be available to BASHH Members only, or have full public access;
  • All documents must contain a date of publication (or version number if in draft form);
  • All filenames must also indicate the document's date of publication (or version number if in draft form).

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