West Midlands’ BASHH has a long tradition in organising continuing medical education events. The following meetings are regularly held by the branch:

West Midlands BASHH meetings:

Held every three months, this is the venue for discussing the most pressing issues and policies on management of sexually transmitted infections. The meeting are open to BASHH members only.

End of year West Midlands’ BASHH meeting:

Held once a year between end of November and early December, this programme consists of two hours of state of art presentations in medicine. The meetings are open to BASHH members only.

West Midland/ Trent HIV meetings:

Held twice a year and for the benefit of colleagues in West Midlands and Trent, these highly popular meetings are dedicated to updates in HIV medicine (twice a year) and sexually transmitted infections (once a year).

  • The autumn programme is held between end of September and early October each year and consists of half a day of Update of HIV (on a Friday afternoon) followed by a whole day of Update on sexually transmitted infections (on the Saturday).
  • The Spring programme is held between end of April and early May and is half a day Update in HIV medicine (on a Friday afternoon).
Mortality Review Meeting

The first West Midlands HIV mortality review meeting was held at Whittall Street Clinic Birmingham on 27th July 2016. 24 clinicians from the region attended and discussed 11 HIV cases from four centres in 2014. Audience general feedback was encouraging. Several requests for the meetings to be held twice yearly have been received. Colleagues have been encouraged to request post mortem for all HIV mortality cases.