Sexual health services for Jersey ;
Free GUM clinic and free chlamydia screening programme

Address & Contact Info

Gwyneth Heulin Wing, Corridor B, Out Patients
Department, General Hospital,
Gloucester Street
St Helier,


Clinic Times

Walk in clinics held in the Gwyneth Huelin Wing (main out patients /corridor A) arrive at 5pm
Tues (male) Wed (female) Thurs (both)
HIV & Hepatitis (BBV) clinic (by appointment) SR Lorna Corfield 01534 44 319


Lead Consultant Dr Ivan Muscat
SR Donna Rees (sexual health and chlamydia co ordinator)
Tel: 01534 442856

Phone or e mail for information. Appointments available at other times by arrangement. We offers full sexual health screening including testing for HIV syphilis and hepatitis. Hep b vaccination. Condoms and lube are free. Emergency hormonal contraception available & we have good links with family planning & TOP services & drugs and alcohol services. We also work with colleagues in Jersey Brook (for under 21's and ACET the islands HIV support services.
Self referral. Confidential. Small friendly team. Totally free service (consultation, tests and treatment).
Result are available within a week (but same day testing can be availble when required).

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