Elected Officers and Representatives

Dr Claire Dewsnap
Dr John McSorley
Immediate Past President
Dr Kaveh Manavi
Vice President
Prof Matt Phillips
Dr David Phillips
General Secretary
Dr Cara Saxon
Undersecretary to the General Secretary
Dr Sophie Forsyth
Education Committee Chair
Dr Rona MacDonald
CGC Chair
Dr Chris Ward
Conference and Communications Secretary
Dr Deepa Bansal
Fellow To The Board
Dr Sophie Brady
Fellow to the Board
Dr Michael Rayment
Fellow to the Board
Prof Claudia Estcourt
Fellow to the Board
Dr Matthew Grundy-Bowers
Fellow to the board
Dr Lewis Haddow
Fellow To The Board
Dr Ruth Lowbury
Lay Trustee
Dr Lindsay Henderson
Doctors in Training - Board
Mr Hu Clarke
HA rep
Dr Georgina Forbes
SAS rep
Ms Jodie Crossman
Nurse rep
Ms Ceri Evans
Post Vacant
Media Representative
Dr Laura Waters
Patient/Public Group Chair
Dr Janet Wilson
Revalidation Representative (Co-opted)

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