Clinical Standards Unit

Standards for the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections1 were developed by BASHH and MedFASH in 2010 with multi-stakeholder consultation and endorsement.  They bring together for the first time the key elements of good practice in STI management and provide a framework for monitoring the quality of care in all settings. The BASHH Clinical Standards Unit will further define, and facilitate auditing against, the Key Performance Indicators in the Standards.


Please click here to download the Revalidation for Physicians - Resource Guide

BASHH / MEDFASH Standards for the management of STI's January 2014 - Click Here

  • Dr Dawn Wilkinson (Chair)
  • Dr Rebecca Thomson-Glover (BASHH Adolescent SIG)
  • Dr Olwen Williams (Lay person and Health Education and Improvement Wales representative)
  • Dr Bridie Howe (BASHH Scotland Chair)
  • Dr Karla Blee (Wales representative)
  • Dr Say Quah (Northern Ireland Representative)
  • Ms Ceri Evans (Health Advisor Representative)
  • Mr Martin Murchie (Nursing representative)

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