BASHH Trainees Collaborative for Audit, Research and Quality Improvement Projects (T-CARQ)

BASHH T-CARQ is a collaborative led by trainees for trainees, which provides a forum where GUM trainees can design, lead and implement multi-centre research, audit and quality improvement projects.


This is a new sub-group of BASHH doctors in training that aims to provide a forum where genitourinary medicine trainees can design, lead and implement multi-centre research, audit and quality improvement projects. Individual projects usually have the same problem, insufficient numbers. Multi-centre projects increase the amount of data collected and therefore result in more meaningful (and publishable) results.

A core committee will exist to facilitate this collaborative and feedback to the BASHH board and the education committee. However, this is a collaborative for trainees and primarily is a way of facilitating trainees working together over multiple sites to complete and ultimately publish high quality audit, research and quality improvement projects. All those contributors will be included in the authorship or acknowledged (PubMed citable) depending on the level of contribution.

Through BASHH we will have access to specialist advice from the BASHH specialist interest groups who will be available to advise on and support individual, relevant projects when needed.

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Chair; Jennifer Murira  -

Yorkshire; Jennifer Murira
KSS; Kiersten Simmons
East of England; Isobel Hawkins
Northern; Daisy Ogbonmwan (Also HIVTC representative), Deborah Kirkham
Scotland; Helen Pollitt
London and South East ;Ming Lee
Midlands; Hannah Church
South West; Vacant
Wales ; Vacant
N.Ireland ; Vacant
Social Media rep; Michael Ewens, (Leeds)
SRH Representative; Janine Simson, SRH, (Scotland)
BASHH DIT representative; Hannah Church (Midlands)
BASHH Education representative; Sean Cassidy (London)


We have published work on the impact of tendering on trainees and this can be found here;.
We have also recruited trainees to lead on an on-going multi-site, national research project looking at Chemsex and have assisted them in obtaining PHE fellowships to help achieve this.
We are currently working on 3 large-scale,multi-centre projects. One focused on Transhealth, one on cardiovascular risk factor monitoring in HIV patients and another looking at post-code data and GUM attendees as recommended in the document 'BASHH, Key metrics for sexual Health Services; The Hot Six.'

Keep in Touch

If you would like further information about the collaborative please email and we will add you to our mailing list. You can also find information on this T-CARQ section of the doctors in training website or through our twitter page @BASHH_TCARQ. We will updating these in due course. If you have any projects that you would like to set up that you think may benefit from T-CARQ support please don't hesitate to contact us on the aforementioned email address.

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