Workshop, Courses & Conferences

HIV Trainees Club (HIVTC)

This is an excellent organisation for any trainee that is involved in the management of HIV patients. It is led by trainees who design and run a programme of one-day workshops relating to all aspects of HIV infection. Membership is free with application forms available from the HIVTC website.
Secretariat email:
Visit the HIVTC website at for further information.



BASHH Courses

BASHH hold many courses including:

  • BASHH STI/HIV modular course which is useful to have completed prior to Dip GUM
  • BASHH HIV Masterclasses
  • Dip GUM Revision Course

BASHH Training Courses and Meetings



BASHH Mentoring Scheme

The BASHH/BHIVA mentoring scheme provides an opportunity for senior trainees, who have been appointed to a consultant post, to access a mentor.

The aim is to support trainees in the transition from trainee to consultant. This time can be a challenging one for some people and having a mentor could be beneficial. The mentoring period is for 18 months and the scheme has so far received very positive feedback.

To access the scheme you need to contact the regional rep found on the BASHH page at and then a short application form is filled in. Following this a mentor and mentee will be matched. The mentors are consultants and SAS doctors who do this on a voluntary basis.



Conferences to consider attending

BASHH - holds an annual spring conference, through which there are great opportunities to submit abstracts for poster or oral presentations. BASHH also hold regular scientific meetings. The next conference is 10-12th July in Oxford - Click Here

BHIVA - holds annual spring (different venues around the country) and autumn (in London) conferences. There are great opportunities to submit abstracts for poster or oral presentations as well as submissions for interesting case presentations. The next conference is 19th-22nd April in Manchester.

EACS - (European Aids Conference) holds a biennial conference. The next conference is in Milan 25-28th October 2017.

IUSTI - (International Union against STIs) holds European and World meetings. Next World Congress is in Marrakesh 9-11th May 2016 and European conference 15-17th September, Budapest.

ISSTDR - (The International Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research), holds biennial scientific meetings. The next is in Rio de Janeiro, 9-12th July 2017.

CROI - Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, holds annual conferences in USA. The next conference 22-25th February in Boston. MSD, through BHIVA, often award travel scholarships to attend this conference.

Glasgow - This is an annual drug therapy conference. The next is from 23-26th October 2016