Adolescent Sexual Health SIG

The Adolescent Sexual Health Interest Group is a SIG initially endorsed by MSSVD Council in April 2000.


Dr Jane Ashby (Chair)

Dr Sophie Herbert (Secretary)

Dr Kimberley Forbes (Co-ordinator for external consultations)

Vacant (Web co-ordinator)

Dr Sophie Flavell and Dr Susan Todd (Trainee Representatives)

•    Dr Ellen Dwyer
•    Dr Sarah Edwards
•    Dr Sophie Forsyth
•    Dr Elizabeth Hamlyn
•    Dr Katia Prime
•    Dr Claire Robertson
•    Dr Karen Rogstad
•    Dr Selena Singh
•    Dr Ceri Slater
•    Effi Stergiopoulou (Health Adviser)
•    Dr Rebecca Thomson-Glover
•    Darren Tippetts (Health Adviser)
•    Dr Dawn Wilkinson


Terms of Reference

The Adolescent special interest group consists of clinicians working in sexual health and with an interest in issues related to the sexual health of young people.

We meet quarterly for and plan research studies, training and educational meetings; respond to related national consultations and develop and contribute to guideline development in related fields of young people’s sexual health.

Over the past year, we have continued to focus on safeguarding children and young people from child sexual exploitation.

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Current Projects:

  • BASHH young people participation event hosted by BrookClick here for further information
  • Update of 2010 BASHH Standards for comprehensive sexual health services for young people under 25 years-
    supported by BASHH CEG
  • ASIG/SV group Collaborative project on FGM
  • Development of codes for Young People attending Sexual Health settings in collaboration with Joint Faculty / BASHH information group
  • Review of National survey on the Use of the Spotting the Signs proforma

Recent Projects and Outputs

Spotting the Signs: a national proforma to identify child sexual exploitation in sexual health services. London: BASHH/Brook 2014

  • Poster presented at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, April 2015 Development of a Tool to Detect Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Highly Commended Poster at the RCGP Annual Conference 2015 Glasgow conference. Spotting the Signs: Authors Rogstad KE, Wilkinson D, Adlington R, Forsyth S, Cameron Z, Manchester C, Elliman A, Johnston G.
  • Sexual health issues in adolescents and young adults. Clin Med (Lond). 2015 Oct;15(5):447-51 Forsyth S, Rogstad K.
  • Spotting the Signs: a national toolkit to help identify young people at risk of child sexual exploitation. Sex Transm Infect. 2015 Jun;91(4):231. Ashby J, Rogstad K, Forsyth S, Wilkinson D.
  • British Association for Sexual Health and HIV Adolescent Special Interest Group. New tool to aid detection of child sexual exploitation. BMJ. 2014 Oct 29;349:g6454. Rogstad K, Ashby J, Wilkinson D;
  • Young people’s involvement in service development- meaningful engagement is possible: input into a national proforma to detect risks for child sexual exploitation when attending sexual health services. G Johnston, K Rogstad, S Forsyth , L. Mitchell, D. Wilkinson, R Adlington, Z Cameron, A Elliman, C Manchester Poster abstract P135 BHIVA/BASHH Spring Conference 2014. Poster won a Highly Commended, CHIVA conference April 2014
  • Incorporated into the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMROC) report Child Sexual Exploitation: Improving Recognition and Response in Heath Settings September 2014
  • RCP guidance for physicians on the detection of child sexual exploitation; a practical resource to support physicians to recognise potential cases of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and seek support to protect vulnerable children and young people.
  • Brook e-learning Tool Combating CSE: an online learning tool for health professionals


  • ASIG input into Section 14 of the GUM curriculum
  • Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse, Launched May 2015 [2nd edition] with input from BASHH ASIG members on the STI working group. Includes chapter on STIs as a marker of abuse and section in Good Practice chapter on testing for STIs. Poster submitted to World Conference on HIV and STIs, Brisbane September 2015, with ASIG involvement acknowledged.
  • Response to consultation on impact and cost-effectiveness of a targeted programme of vaccinating MSM, in GU and HIV clinics (ASIG and SV groups)
  • BASHH ASIG Response to Home Office consultation on FGM mandatory reporting duty; coordinated by Dr Kimberley Forbes
  • ASIG input on BASHH NAG 2015 National re-audit of the management of under 16s (13 – 15 year olds) attending sexual health services
  • BASHH / HPE fellowship study led by Chris Ward on GC, CT and TV as markers of child sexual exploitation. ASIG member network used as resource for clinical data collection. Study presented as oral at BASHH Spring Meeting, Glasgow June 2015 and World Conference on HIV and STIs, Brisbane September 2015 plus poster BASHH 2016. Are sexually transmitted infections associated with child sexual exploitation (CSE) in under 16 year olds attending Genitourinary Medicine clinics.
  • E-learning Module for RCPCH Healthy Child e-learning programme on behalf of YAASG Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections AH_09_004 (Karen Rogstad)
  • BASHH ASIG stakeholder response August 2015 - NICE Call for evidence on Harmful sexual behaviour among children and young people [coordinated by Kimberley Forbes]



Other Recent Publications on behalf of ASIG

  • Testing the Children of HIV-Infected Parents - Six years on from ‘Don’t Forget the Children’ What Progress Has Been Made? Hegazi A, Forsyth S, Prime K; BASHH Adolescent Special Interest Group (ASIG). Sex Transm Infect. 2015 Mar;91(2):76-7.
  • Uptake of the HPV vaccination programme in England: a cross-sectional survey of young women attending sexual health services R. Sacks, A. Copas, D. Wilkinson, A. Robinson. Sex Transm Infect 2014;90:315-321 doi:10.1136/sextrans-2013-051179


Latest updates and guidance

Adolescent Special Interest Group Statement on Engaging Young People (YP) during times of restricted clinic access - July 2021.  

ASIG Statement can be found here.


Useful Guidelines and publications

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions.

This inquiry is keen to hear from victims or survivors of abuse in institutions (‘Truth Project’), where the organisation failed to either protect them from abuse, or respond appropriately to allegations. Key facts about the inquiry can be found at:

Details on how to share experiences can be found at:

If you have patients or colleagues who have experienced institutional abuse please consider inviting them to share their experiences

National Crime Agency’s (NCA) second assessment of county lines, published in November 2017:


Police Action in Response to Youth Produced Sexual Imagery (‘Sexting’)

- Click Here

BASHH National Guideline for the Management of STIs and Related Conditions in Children and Young People 2010

Brook Young People's Workshop Report - August 2017

Brook Young People's Workshop Session Plan - August 2017

Standards for comprehensive sexual health services for young people under 25 years [2002]


BASHH Guidelines: Management of Adult and Adolescent complainants of Sexual Assault. The Management of Adult and Adolescent Complainants of Sexual Assault


2011 SRHC of adolescents living with HIV


Sexually transmitted infections and under-18 conceptions: prevention NICE guidelines [PH3] Published date: February 2007


NICE pathway: Preventing sexually transmitted infections and under-18 conceptions overview


NICE pathway: Contraceptive services with a focus on young people aged up to 25 overview


NICE Guidance: Contraceptive services for under 25s NICE guidelines [PH51] Published date: March 2014


Transition from children’s to adults’ services for young people using health or social care services NICE guidelines [NG43] Published date: February 2016


GMC guidance: Protecting children and young people: the responsibilities of all doctors


Department of health - Guidance for doctors working with young people


'You're Welcome', the Department of Health's quality criteria for young people friendly health services.


GMC guidance: 0-18 years: guidance for all doctors HM Government - Safeguarding Children and young people from sexual exploitation


HM Government; A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Published March 2015


Safeguarding Children and young people from Sexual Exploitation (supplementary guidance to working together to Safeguard children


NICE guidelines: Harmful sexual behaviour among children and young people in development; anticipated publication date: To be published September 2016

Physical signs of child sexual abuse (2015); Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) publication




Related organisations/useful resources

Faculty of sexual and reproductive health


Brook, the young people's sexual health & wellbeing charity


Brandon Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy for Young People


The National Working Group (Sexually Exploited Children and Young People)


The National Society for the protection of Children


Parents against child sexual exploitation


Children’s Association of HIV




Educational resources and e-learning modules

E learning for healthcare; e-LfH is a Health Education England Programme in partnership with the NHS and Professional Bodies


Home Office learning module and assessment on FGM


Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health; The Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse – Webinar Series


Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health; Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections


Brook e-learning Tool Combating CSE: an online learning tool for health professionals



Courses/Educational Events

ASIG OGM 17th June 2016 Manchester – Presentation and Timetable


Private content (i.e. Minutes etc.) can be accessed by members here

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