Prison SIG

The group has been reformed in February 2020 and will meet 3 times a year.
The aims of the group are:
  • To define standards of care for sexual health provision in prisons in the UK
  • To provide support to those facilitating sexual health provision in prisons in the UK
  • To enable standardisation of practice across prisons



Membership of Special Interest Group:
  • Susanna Currie (Chair, GU Consultant)
  • Katia Prime (GU Consultant)
  • Felicity Young (Nurse Consultant)
  • Jodi Aldridge (Specialist nurse)
  • Jenny Murira (Clinical Infection Research Fellow)
  • Huda Fadzillah (GU Consultant)
  • Dave Mansley (Matron in GUM)
  • Michael Rayment (GU Consultant)
  • Rebecca Marchant (Trainee rep)
  • Dr S Shivasankar (GU Consultant)
  • Dr Lesley Navaratne (GU Consultant)
  • Jon Dunn (PHE, Sexual Health Facilitator for the North West)
  • Kathy Jones (Health Advisor)



2021 Meetings:
  • Wednesday February 10th 2021, 2-4:30pm virtual

  • Wednesday June 9th 2021, 2-4:30pm virtual

  • 3rd meeting TBC


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