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The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) are leading the response to the confirmed cases of Monkeypox and BASHH are working closely with them and other sector representatives. Please find below links to UKHSA, CAS and also operational documents for clinics to use:

Update to BHIVA rapid MPV guidance here.

Monkeypox Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 13/09/2022

Monkeypox update - latest 25/08/2022

Travel related MPV- please see guidance here- it is important to differentiate by history if the MPV is from a travel related exposure as this type of case should continue to be discussed with the Imported Fever Service- please see guidance here.


Monkeypox update - latest 09/08/2022

Dear Colleagues

To all Monkeypox vaccination sites

NHS England – London has authorised and published a new Smallpox PGD on its website. This can be accessed at

Please note that this Smallpox PGD is for Batch Specific JYNNEOS® vaccine only. It does not apply to Imvanex®.

Providers should ensure that any registered healthcare professional due to administer vaccinations under this legal mechanism are authorised to practice under it.

If you have any queries, please contact the London Immunisations team via

Kind regards,

Harry Sherwin

Senior Project Manager - NHS England – London


Monkeypox Update - latest 26/07/2022

Dear Colleagues,

 A whole list of changes this week!  Sorry, it has been easier to distil into a list;

  1. WHO declaration regarding Monkeypox: Second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee regarding the multi-country outbreak of monkeypox (
  2. Change in case definition including Proctitis now: see UKHSA briefing here.
  3. SOMASS database: lots of questions:
    • This is to support better case definitions and an understanding of symptom progression: it is not a study
    • UKHSA is the data handler
    • Although the intention was for four nation coverage, at the moment it only covers cases in England (due to data flow)
  4. Change of Monkeypox Operational group: A huge thank you to the amazing clinicians who managed to just squeeze in more work to help with this.  As we move to a different phase of the response, the group is transforming into a smaller Expert Advisory Group.  If you are interested in joining the group, please e-mail the Monkeybox:

 Take care of yourselves.

 Best wishes,

 Professor Matt Phillips


PSD for The administration of IMVANEX® or JYNNEOS® for pre- or post- exposure prophylaxis of monkeypox in adults and children - click here to view.

UKHSA - Monkeypox vaccination programme resources update  - click here to view

Monkeypox Proctitis Management - click here to view

Consensus statement on response to Monkeypox outbreak - click here to view

NHS England and Improvement (NHSEI) Service Specification - click here to view

Monkeypox virus (MPXV) vaccination- brief clinical guidance - click here to view

Latest Monkeypox guidance from the UK Health Secretary Agency: Monkeypox: guidance - GOV.UK (

Monkeypox Stakeholder Pack - click here to view.

Monkeypox Vaccination Resource list - click here to view.

UKHSA update on identified Monkeypox cases:

GOV.UK - Monkeypox outbreak: technical briefings

CAS healthcare alert:

Monkeypox: diagnostic testing

Monkeypox Media images and Social Media suggestions:  

UKHSA Vaccine Strategy launch:  Monkeypox vaccine to be offered more widely to help control outbreak - GOV.UK (

UKHSA: SOMASS: Surveillance of monkeypox cases attending sexual health services in England;

Dear Colleagues,

The tool for collecting cohort data regarding people with Monkeypox is now live. This is not compulsory, but it would be incredibly helpful if you can input data from your clinics onto here. The cohort is called SOMASS, and the objective is to be able to describe the symptoms effectively of those who present with Monkeypox for ongoing clinical work.

UKSHA BASHH Monkeypox dataset guidance SOMASS - please click here to view.

Best wishes,

Professor Matt Phillips
BASHH Treasurer


BASHH MPV Guide: Dr Ruth Byrne has produced a good practice document to help clinicians managing monkey pox which is available on the BASHH website in the Monkeypox resource section here.

Many thanks to Ruth for sharing her expertise and experience in managing this condition with us all.


Monkeypox Update - Extra coding for Monkeypox vaccination and management

Added to SHHAPT:

  • MPVD1                 Vaccine for Monkeypox virus 1st Dose
  • MPVD2                 Vaccine for Monkeypox virus 2nd Dose
  • MPVDX                Vaccine for Monkeypox virus offered and declined

Local code to help capture extra activity:

  • MPVWC               Monkeypox virus welfare check*

*Can be coded at every welfare check encounter.


Monkeypox Update - latest 23/06/2022

Dear Colleagues

Here is the link to the leaflet on Health Publications where free paper copies can be ordered using product code:: 2022MP1EN.

To order copies of this leaflet please visit: or call 0300 123 1002 using the product code. Translated and an Easy Read version will be available shortly. We have also got a new section on NHS.UK/Monkeypox which has now gone live.

The patient leaflet is now published

Ordering is now open for the leaflet. Please register on Health Publications to place an order. Orders take 3 to 5 working days to arrive. You can search for the product code: 2022MP1EN. If you require more than 500 to 1000 copies you can call 0300 123 1002.

Please see resources below.

Many thanks

Dr Claire Dewsnap(she/her)

BASHH President

Monkeypox De-isolation - latest 10/06/2022


A number of updates for you from Operational group

  1. De-isolation- there are interim guidelines for clinicians on the UKHSA website (De-isolation and discharge of monkeypox-infected patients: interim guidance - GOV.UK ( , as well as guidance for people who have monkeypox (Monkeypox: infected people who are isolating at home - GOV.UK (
  2. Resources for people thinking about monkeypox- a range of resources from the third sector including Monkeypox in the UK | Terrence Higgins Trust (
  3. Vaccines- there are hubs across the UK now for post exposure prophylaxis- Your local Health Protection Teams or HCID will be able to share further details
  4. Funding- is being considered in a number of for a at the moment- please be using the coding to show the work you are doing in your clinics!
  5. Contact Tracing- Ceri Evans continues to work hard with the UKHSA teams looking at the best ways to do this
  6. Virtual ward- there are a number of models for this depending on local settings – keep an eye on Zoom BITESIZE Wednesdays to hear examples of good practice
  7. Local pathways- let us know examples of how you have worked in your local systems to set up pathways for assessment in those who are not sexually active
  8. BASHH Thermometer- likely to come out next week and to be open during conference- let us know what is happening for you

Remember to use for your queries

Best wishes

Professor Matt Phillips
BASHH Treasurer

Monkeypox Coding - latest 07/06/2022

Dear Colleagues,

An update from Monkeypox Operational Group- a number of things;

Personal Identifying Information on Monkeypox samples in GU Clinics

Here’s a statement supported by THT, UKHSA and BASHH: 

What happens when I test for monkeypox?

Currently most people with symptoms for monkeypox are tested in their local sexual health clinic. Tests are sent to the UKHSA laboratory to analyse and you will be asked by your doctor to provide your name and contact information so they can subsequently inform you of the result of your test.

If you test positive, the Health Protection Team at UKHSA will contact you to complete a questionnaire to collect information about close contacts you have had in the past three weeks before your symptoms started. This will include people you live with, and any sexual partners or hook-ups you have met recently.

Close contacts will not be told any information about you. If you have concerns about people being contacted you can talk to the health professional who phones you with your test result. All information is handled privately and securely.’ 

Community Panel


Coding for GU clinics to demonstrate activity

        MPV- phone triage and advice then redirection - MPVR

        MPV- phone triage advised to attend - MPVA

        MPV test taken - MPVT

        MPV positive - MPVP

        MPV negative - MPVN

        MPV assessed as walk in without prior triage - MPVW

        PNMPV- attending as sexual partner has advised of MPV - PNMPV

Operational Updates

Principles for monkeypox control in the UK: 4 nations consensus statement - GOV.UK (

Remember, ongoing queries or suggestions can be sent into


Update 27/05/2022

Hello colleagues,

The Ops group has been able to cascade information about labelling Monkeypox samples and new clinic codes. Please logon to access the members only Monkeypox resource page

Professor Matt Phillips
BASHH Treasurer


Update 25/05/2022

You may have seen in your inboxes, at BASHH ‘central’ we’ve set up a monkey pox operational group which I have the great privilege of chairing. The group has been working tirelessly since starting last Friday, meeting every day. There are many unanswered (and as yet ) unanswerable questions relating how to make this work in clinics.

I thought it might be useful if I give an update of what we are working on - and invite you to submit your concerns/ suggestions for operational work to the BASHH monkey pox inbox- By this Friday (the 27th) we are aiming to

  1.  Have a list of codes to cover MPV activity- even for devolved nations where coding is not usually used. If our services can use an agreed set of codes we’ll be able to pull out data easily to demonstrate the activity our services are undertaking, and to make any needed requests for funding
  2. To understand numbers of staff in sexual health clinics who may need access to vaccines – your clinics should already have received this request from your branch chairs
  3. To have a steer around what clinics can consider doing in terms of pathways, especially in the context of clinics being on different sites and with different logistic access to HCIDs

Professor Matt Phillips
BASHH Treasurer

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