Monkeypox - displacement and impact of unfunded Monkeypox activity on Sexual Health services.

7th October 2022

Dear Members, 
As monkeypox cases thankfully decline, the pressures have not.  As we retrain many staff to give intradermal injections, and pivot our clinics to recall people for second doses, the spectre of commissioning has cropped up.
BASHH has worked with BHIVA, ADPH, FSRH and the English commissioner's group to produce this letter calling for action from government, and another letter asking for a pragmatic approach from commissioners;

Joint letter to DHSC and UKHSA on Monkeypox displacement

Joint letter to commissioners and providers on Monkeypox displacement 
We need you to share - we’d like to hear instances of good practice where everything has worked smoothly and commissioning support, as well as to hear instances that may need support where there is a threat to decrease funding.  Please send your examples to the incident inbox for BASHH ( or contact Claire Dewsnap or me directly.
Our work in GU Medicine is never easy as we must advocate at every step, so please stay connected as we continue to press on these issues 

Best wishes, 
Professor Matt Phillips

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