New PHE Guidance Updates

29th February 2016

  1. New PHE guidance to assist staff with data from CTAD and GUMCADv2.
  2. PHE update on HIV and STIs in men who have sex with men in London.

Public Health England have just published the following documents that you may find helpful and of interest:

  1. Guidance to assist staff involved with the collection, recording, analysis or interpretation of data from CTAD and GUMCADv2’ an online version of which is available here:

    The document provides guidance to relevant stakeholders on how data for chlamydia tests and diagnoses are captured in CTAD and GUMCADv2, the flow of the data and how the data is presented collectively.

  2. An ‘update on HIV and STIs in men who have sex with men in London’, available online here:

    The report provides an overview of the inequalities in sexual health outcomes facing MSM in the capital and also data on the percentage change in STI. HIV and Shigella diagnoses in MSM from 2010 and 2013 to 2014. The report highlights that improving sexual health in MSM should be made the highest sexual health priority in London.

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