Sponsorship Invoice Request Form

Proof of pledge

If you have not provided a PO Number or documentary evidence supporting sponsorship then the organiser remains responsible for collecting the pledged monies

*An increasing number of companies are refusing to honour sponsorship pledges without a purchase order (PO) number (failing this documentary proof that sponsorship was pledged by an individual within their organisation). Obtaining a PO from your sponsor will prevent this happening to your meeting. Any shortfall in sponsorship on your meeting will impact your groups’ bottom line at year end. BASHH will collect (and pursue sponsors) only if you have provided a PO Number or clear proof of a pledge of sponsorship. In the absence of these the course organiser, will be responsible for ensuring that sponsorship monies are received. Please contact the Treasurer if you have any concerns.

Meeting Detials

VAT is almost always chargeable (e.g. fliers used, reps present, company logo on the programme, have a stand, etc.). The only exception is adding the sponsor’s name on the programme in the absence of any other promotion.

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