Key Metrics for Sexual Health Services - The 'Hot' Six

15th January 2018

Six key metrics - the ‘hot’ six - have been produced to help services identify pressure points and trends within their services, which we suggest all services monitor.  There may also be other additional metrics that you wish to monitor depending on local circumstances.

The use of key metrics should support standardised data collection and will provide sensitive primary markers of trends within your service and the impact of changes.  

In addition, they will be useful for wider analysis to determine the position across the UK and support benchmarking, if providers are willing to share data.  We realise the sensitivity in sharing individual service data for analysis so we are planning to provide a shared drive for the six ‘hot’ metrics where services can submit their data, which will then be aggregated by region.  Further details on this will be available later this month.

A summary document describing the six ‘hot’ metrics and the rationale behind them can be viewed here.

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